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Experts in custom design & fabrication, specializing in fall protection, remote access solutions, and safety inspections.

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Knight St Bridge Platform Upgrades,
Vancouver, BC

New Westminster Secondary School
New Westminster, BC

Kerrisdale Arena Access Upgrades
Vancouver, BC

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Our Services

Design and Manufacture

Every location that a ladder or guardrail will be installed is unique. Your product will be built to your specific requirements to ensure a perfect fit while maintaining code compliancy and user safety. We can build from existing drawings or design based on site measurements.

Skyhigh design process

Installation Services

SkyHigh specializes in the installation of all of its fall protection products using the latest high-tech tools from HILTI and similar manufacturers. We handle logistics such as cranes and lifts and happily work alongside other trades and contractors to ensure project deadlines and costs are met.

In addition to fall protection and access, we have a decade of experience in structural steelwork, such as seismic upgrades to concrete buildings and joist upgrades for heavier roof loads.

Knight St Bridge Platform Upgrades, Vancouver

Site Auditing

Our testing capabilities include load testing, ultrasound thickness testing for material degradation, complete concrete scanning, and destructive and non-destructive testing. We provide fully engineered inspection reports to ensure user safety is never in question.

We have proven experience inspecting and testing existing fall protection equipment and accessways, ensuring codes are met and end-users are not at risk.

Civic Plaza Mech Access, Surrey

Safety Consultation

SkyHigh specializes in fall hazard analysis and consultation, ensuring that safe access can be provided wherever required while maintaining appearances and keeping projects under budget.

We work with clients to ensure the ideal balance in economics, safety, and ease-of-use is maintained.

Site inspector looking at the project

Maintenance Services

SkyHigh provides repair and maintenance services in order to provide safer access solutions to our clients when needed. From impacted guardrails to old staircases in disrepair, or deteriorated structure, all the while ensuring public safety is held in the utmost regard.

CN Centre Roof Access Upgrades, Prince George

Custom Fall Protection Solutions

SkyHigh has provided fall protection solutions to hundreds of private, public, institutional and government entities across North America.

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