About SkyHigh

Located in Vancouver, BC, Skyhigh has over a decade of proven experience providing economical, customized solutions, to ensure facilities provide safe means of access to workers and occupants.

Our Story

Since starting in 2010, SkyHigh quickly grew to become a leader in its industry, offering turnkey solutions that bring projects from conception to completion, executing all design, fabrication and installation in-house.

We have a rare ability to be a one-stop-shop solution, with a long, outstanding history with general contractors, building owners,consulting firms, as well as school boards, hospitals, militaries, and other government institutions across both Canada and the US.

Over the years, SkyHigh has developed a deep understanding of North American building codes and standards relating to fall protection and access.

This knowledge allows SkyHigh to play a consultant role regarding development of fall protection plans and safe access systems.

In addition, SkyHigh has special tools and certifications to allow for structural integrity inspections, such as concrete testing and scanning, load testing, andweld inspections.

SkyHigh also has extensive experience in inspection and certification of existing fall protection and access systems such as lifelines and ladders.

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