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Along with our market leading products for fall protection and safety, we provide installation, design and consulting services that fit your custom project needs.


SkyHigh is fully outfitted to bring products from conception to installation, this includes product design. Utilizing SolidWorks, we can provide shop and as-built drawings of virtually any scope of work or product.

We can simulate loading conditions to verify factors of safety and minimize material waste. We can also create product specifications, assembly books, site plans, or any other documentation needed to complete your project.

Our designers are committed to working with clients to solve their problems economically and safely. Whether your idea is a paper sketch, verbal idea or fully developed in CAD, we will turn your idea into reality. When presented with any problem, our designers always find a solution.

Skyhigh design process



As a turnkey solution, SkyHigh has extensive experience building and installing fall protection and remote access equipment. From roof anchors on new construction, to ships ladders and platforms in the upper corners of tight mechanical rooms, SkyHigh does it all.

Our site welders are fully certified, and we pride ourselves in running crews that are diligent, safe, and transparent in their work. We are also certified installers of 3M and Honeywell products.

Additionally, SkyHigh is also fully capable of handling structural steel and miscellaneous metal contracts, both supplied and installed.

Our 10,000 sq ft fabrication facility centrally located in the Port Kells area of Metro Vancouver, and has the capacity to handle large projects.

Installation of Skyhigh industrial stairs


SkyHigh specializes in fall hazard analysis and consultation, ensuring that safe access can be provided wherever required while maintaining appearances and keeping projects under budget. SkyHigh works with its clients to ensure the ideal balance in economics, safety, and ease-of-use is maintained.

Structural Integrity Inspection

SkyHigh offers a number of services to validate the integrity of existing structural installations. We also offer structurally engineered letters of certification.

All of the following testing is completed in-house:

  • concrete strength testing
  • concrete scanning and rebar layout
  • pull tests on fall protection anchorages
  • engineered certification reports
  • load and deflection tests on existing structures
  • mag particle and liquid dye penetrant testing
  • weld inspection
  • corrosion inspection and ultrasound material thickness tests

Safety & Code Compliance Inspection And Consultation

SkyHigh has developed a deep understanding of fall hazards, and associated solutions to remedy all potential cases. Given a dangerous situation, we pride ourselves in finding solutions that are economical and user-friendly, ultimately ensuring that end-user safety is held at utmost importance. We also evaluate fall protection plans and methods for compliancy to applicable standards or building codes, providing safety ratings, risk evaluations, hazard documentation and system recommendations.

Please contact us for further information regarding consultation and assessment.

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