Climb Prevention

We build custom anti-climb devices and our own Climb Prevention Rollers, utilized in many schools, hospitals, prisons and public facilities.

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Anti-Climb Screens

Screens are best used raise the height of a structure to prevent persons from reaching a graspable location.

Skateboard and Parkour Deterrents

We have many custom options, whether adding to guardrails or concrete to prevent skateboarding, or adding shaped sheet metal to surfaces to eliminate any potential of climbing.

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Climb Prevention Rollers are SkyHigh's patent-pending anti-climb solution ideal for schools and public buildings, helping to reduce and essentially remove the access points. Rollers remove any potential grip points by spinning around their axis.

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Security Screen for Guardrail

When a full-height barrier is needed to keep people from climbing onto your roof.
Also doubles as fall prevention for workers accessing mechanical equipment, etc.

Angled Security Screen

An angled climb prevention screen stops climbing onto your roof by adding a little more height as it relocates the graspable edge out of reach while not being visually obtrusive.

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