Industrial Guardrails

We design and build custom guardrails for various applications. Our guardrail solutions provide safety from the ground level to the roof.

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Custom Guardrail Solutions

All our guardrails meet OSHA, CSA & ANSI standards.
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Roof Guardrails

Safety guardrail systems are used at the perimeter edge of a roof to protect personnel working within a fall zone. Ideal for isolated locations of fall hazard such as a single mechanical unit at the edge of the building.

  • Standard guardrail height is 42-1/8".

Work safety boards prefers passive fall protection systems as no training is required and there is no additional equipment such as ropes & harnesses to get tangled in.

Ground Level Guardrails

Groundlevel guardrails are an effective solution to keeping the public safe when hazardous ground elevation differences arise.

Choose from any common pipe or tube profiles. Standard materials and finishes are available, including painting, galvanizing, powder coating, and anodizing.

Modular Guardrails/Structural Fittings

Modular guardrails are an economical solution where installation constraints exist. Complex configurations can be produced quickly and efficiently, and can be built on-site to suit any conditions.

Safe for assembly on rooftops as there is no "hot work" being done like welding on site.

Guardrails are offered in 2 pipe sizes, 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" along with cast iron structural pipe fittings.

Guardrail Accessories

Gate for Guardrail

Allows for safe entry to a rooftop from a boom lift, portable ladder, etc. A one-way gate provides fall protection when working in the area, and can be made to be self-closing with spring hinges.

Toeboard for Guardrail

A toeboard is required if the guardrail is installed on a floor opening, elevated walkway, or platform where there is a chance tools could fall over the edge onto workers below.

Infill panels

Woven or expanded mesh, or perforated sheet metal can be laser cut to incorporate any desired details such as logos, port holes, or entryways, while providing security and safety.

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